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11-12-2012, 04:25 PM
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Well this thread took an interesting turn...

Anyway I think the thing that annoys me about the Jets the most is that they consistently shoot themselves in the foot. How many times has this team coughed up guaranteed points in the red zone? Three stupid mistakes cost them yesterday big time and did them in. Sanchez with another stupid throw in the red zone (one that if he made a couple of seconds earlier is 6 points), Sanchez not knowing how to protect the ball AGAIN going down on a sack, and Kerley not fair catching a punt AGAIN and fumbling it. It's the same stupid **** that does them in every single week. They probably go right at it with Seattle until the end if it weren't for those plays. I mean between the Sanchez pick and Kerley muff that's at least a 10 point turnaround in the Jets favor.

Stupid ****ing mistakes.

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