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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
When you're trying to project an 84 game season total into an 80 game season total...
AS adjusts for season length; each game is calculated as a percentage of the season. The season could be 20 games or 100 games, and two player with adjusted 70 points would be considered to have had equivalent performances by that measure, before considering things such as teammates, missed games, etc.

Yzerman' 87-88 and 93-94 seasons are good examples of "missed games" years. He posted 50-52-102 in 64 games in 87-88 before wrecking his knee on a goal post in that 64th game. Pro-rated to 80, it' 63-65-128 (and fourth in scoring). Adjusted stats give us 42-43-85 for those 64 games; pro-rated to 53-54-107 in a full 80. In 1993-94, he posted 24-58-82 in 58; pro-rated to 35-84-119 (and 3rd in scoring) in 84, adjusted to 22-53-75. Pro-rate the AS to 84 and he's at 32-77-109; his third best year for AS after 89 and 93.

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