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11-12-2012, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
I'm not sure why people are so wound up about this. It's just football. No need to be so quick to anger.
lol seriously...this seems like misplaced anger based on the lack of a hockey season.

I admit I'm glad the Dolphins went splat the last two weeks after all the trash talking THEY (specifically Bush) were doing after getting all riled up over Rex's innocuous 'hot sauce' comment, but I wouldn't really care one way or another otherwise over Tannehill throwing three picks against a below average Titans team and the rest of the Phins' problems in a 34-3 home loss.

And Russel Wilson is a nice player for a rookie, all I ever said was he was overrated considering he was getting Luck/RGIII hype and the fact that he like the Seahawks are a lot better at home than on the road. Funny that the guy crying for a mod needs the mod the most for their own posts.

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