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11-12-2012, 04:38 PM
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Found plenty of other activities in the absence of Rangers hockey:
  • raising crickets
  • learning to cook REAL food
  • watching the "Toonami" block on [adult swim] instead of HNIC on Saturday nights
  • playing "Mega Man X" on my bro's PS3 for long stretches
  • buying up jerseys on the cheap
  • stripping said jerseys to re-customize @ Cosby's
  • stockpiling jerseys to sell upon end of lockout
  • creating a diorama of Rangers' (1993-1999) Center Ice... On a baking sheet. Inside my freezer
  • *****ing about lack of entertainment options while on the interwebz when I'm not doing any of the following above

And so goes a normal day in the legend of Blue Seat Spartan

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