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11-12-2012, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
I guess my presumption that where ever Brimsek went (or Broda or Durnan) so went the other two in short order was incorrect at least the way TDMM sees it.

I thought round 1 was fairly straightforward and I felt quite comfortable with my voting. From then on, it's really lacked of a lot of definitive answers I feel...I wasn't a part of the defensemen project, but this is hard as hell...if I may be so coarse...
I wouldn't say your presumption was incorrect, I think you just may not realize how close 5 or 6 spots is when you're talking about an all-time list. I look at it this way...there are 3 generations left where we have guys who were the very best in the world, but there are also some guys who are right behind them. It's just a case of too many guys "deserve" to be close to too many other guys...the "bests" of their generation should be close to each other, but the runner-ups shouldn't be too far behind either.

I agree with the second part of your post. I was part of the defensemen project, and so far I am having a lot more difficulty with this one.

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