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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
The only thing that Trouba and Clare being a -3 tells us is that they were on the ice for 3 more even srength goals against than even strength goals for...... how you extrapolate their place in the depth chart from this is truly mind boggling.

Perhaps you might want to look at TOI numbers to arrive at a more accurate answer.
Yes, 'cause that' always how I come to conclusion. Thanks for reminding me that's not how it works. Or maybe, just maybe, the though process was that Trouba being an exceptional talent, he might be used on the top pairing. And Clare being the only senior, it also might be where a top pairing is decided. But most likely, based on this ", I was always under the impression that the pairings were in order. Maybe in some cases, it is, I guess in some other cases, it's not. Also add the fact that while it might be ranked properly, I always thought that the pairings were right. So I don't see, but maybe I'm wrong, Chiasson being on the top pairing while I do have hopes that Bennett would. Add the fact that 2 or their 3 minuses, happened facing the opponent's top line. So it is often about more than just 1 thing. But I know you knew that already. You can also add the fact that I am asking a in no way am I implying that I know for sure he is on the 3rd or not.

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