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11-12-2012, 05:02 PM
It's finally over
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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
do you have a sense as to whether the loss of business is likely to cause some of these places to actually close?
The ones that are left, in theory, should be strong enough to withstand the lockout. But they are also more unique draws, like Yardhouse, Margaritaville and Saddle Ranch. Retail has already left, and a few restaurants have closed. People have lost jobs, wages and had hours cut pretty badly.

Looking at the map, kind of sad to see a coffee shop I went to on gameday is gone. During a weekend Red-Wings Coyote game, the place was absolutely flooded. Restaurant wait times were insane. It was a great place to be, especially for fans. You could go to the various bars before games, chill near the fountain or do whatever. But Westgate is pretty much like every other mall in AZ right now; half empty.

Desert Ridge was wildly successful and Westgate was meant to be that 10x. People forget that Westgate is about 15-20% the size it was originally intended to be. The real estate crash really hurt the plans, while the lingering affects still hurt business. Glendale currently isn't the population center it was forecast to be. Having one of the main draws like the Coyotes gone or sidelined by the lockout is just salt in the wound.

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