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05-21-2006, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Spetzky
It's basically a dream job for me. I have some knowledge of hockey, I'm still young, I love talking
about hockey. How do I get started?
Volunteer for some minor league team to help the scouting staff. All you will be doing at first is getting coffee, but once the actual scout gets over the shock that the team somehow found him some idiot to wait on him for free, he will start giving you the more of his less important tedious boring work. You gain experience, wait for the scout to leave and retire, and (if you do a good enough job) for the team to appoint you as his replacement. Once you gain reputation as reliable accurate scout for this minor league teamm you could potentially move to a different team or a different league. Unless you have some hockey connections to begin with and can offer a team something unique, starting from scratch is a long unrecommended process.

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