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11-12-2012, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
This will be an interesting debate as we get closer to the draft, what is harder to find a defenceman who can score 20 goals from the back line or a winger or smallish C that can score 30-40 goals? If we are drafting in the #5 slot.

I am of the opinion that a d man that can be a threat to score 20 goals a year from the backline with a high Ice Q are extremely rare hockey players. Pulock's game is also built around solid defence to strengthen his case.

This one will probably be debated till June next year.
It's an interesting debate for sure. Which is better? With our defense depth, I'd be more inclined to take the winger/center. Size is great but a smallish winger that plays like Giroux/Dastyuk/Hossa offensively and has similar hands? That would be hard to turn down, and since we are lacking in the high end forward prospects, it would be nice. This is assuming the two top ends are on similar levels.

However assuming he's a 20 goal dman might be asking a little much. If he really is, than he's gotta be the guy because finding a consistent 20 goal dman is impossible. How many dman have hit 20 goals since the lockout?

Byfgulien in 2010-2011, Weber/Souray in 2008-2009 with Green hitting 30 then, Souray/Boyle in 2006-2007, Schneider/Phaneuf in 2005/2006.

And only Green/Souray hit more than 23 goals, and only Souray did it more than once.

So I'm not sure Pulock could do it. Maybe once. Which is why I take the winger than can get 30 goals, 80 points consistently.

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