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11-12-2012, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
So because they voted yes all those years ago in an attempt and grow the sport, they now have to pay dozens of millions of dollars per year to their direct competition whenever those owners make mistakes?
This is insane.
The Leafs only "have to pay" revenue sharing because THEY VOTED TO so they could make more money in a cap system.

Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
If the options are,
a) revenue sharing (which is dramatically unfair to the fans of rich teams)
b) the millionaire players simply take a smaller piece of the pie and can buy one less mansion

i'd go with option b) a million times out of a million.
It's not dramatically unfair. It's a system that gives THEM more money.

Your Leafs voted to aide other teams so they could pocket more profits.

Your beef isn't with the league, it's with the Leafs. They choose a system that would make more teams able to compete with them financially, decrease their ability to spend to win, gave them an excuse to jack up prices (which you're falling for), and pocket millions more in profits rather than re-investment.

How is it unfair to someone who has a vote and votes in favor of it?

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