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11-12-2012, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
Did you buy your tickets from Scalpers/off-sales?
My guess is yes, you did. You probably paid inflated prices.
Of course... you can just make up a whole different story, and nobody would know the difference.
It's the precise reason that personal stories like that shouldn't be used in such arguments.

Leaf tickets sell out every single game.
They sell out in minutes.
They CLEARLY could sell them for more money.

Beers in the ACC are very expensive.
They're still preposterously long line ups.
They CLEARLY could get away selling them for more money.

And now with all the increased revenue sharing... I'm sure that's PRECISELY what they'll do.
Thanks nhlpa.
Way to look out for the fans.
I think the demand for Leafs tickets is a bit artificially inflated. For many years they have sold a large number of seats to scalpers thus creating an artificial scarcity to their tickets. If the Leafs decided to only sell seats to individuals and corporate buyers for their own use, street prices would drop dramatically.

I also wonder if some fans who would like to eliminate revenue sharing are really thinking about increasing their teams' chances to win the Cup.

Your post indicates you aren't one of them though.

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