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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post

The "responsibility for growing the game" was taken off their shoulders when the NHL took away their marketing budgets by jacking up the minimum payroll by $39 million ($12 mil before the lockout; $51 million last season).

The reason no one gives you a time frame is because: Pulling the plug on franchises is a PR disaster of epic proportions.

The league has been trying to dispel the notion that the NHL is a niche sport that only belongs in Canada, the extreme North of the United States, and maybe Denver and Los Angeles.

That notion is why the league doesn't get major media time.
That notion is why the league doesn't have a TV deal similar to the other Big Four.s.
I dont see people sheeding tears for the spo's or the vancouver grizzlies. I dont recall people going to the lengths they are currently to save the nordiques or the jets v1.0.

You know what the difference is on the hockey side, the teams that left left from established ( but admittedly smaller) markets for the appeal of larger markets with " potential" ( whatever the hell that means).

Things change and some teams get in bad because they make bad choices, some teams get in bad because of things they cant control but to suggest that a team that has never made a single dime and has to prop up attendance by essentially giving away tickets for more than a decade is not a viable market is not what i would consider a PR disater of epic proportions. I have another word for it, reality.

It is my opinion that the NHL will never break the top three nationally in the US, there is just too much of a geographical swath were ice is meant to cool down libations. It is only top four when you consider pro sports, in many markets it would fall behind college hoops and football and in some markets would fall behind high school football. The NHL should stop chasing this mirage, that people in arkansas and alabama and texas are going to give two spits about the game if only we can get the habs and the leafs to keep dumping money into one fiasco after another.

You know why the NHL doesnt have a deal like the NBA ( although the comcast deal is pretty good) ? Because a huge percentage of the states, the overwhelming majority based on population and geography dont give a rats ass about the game. The notion that the have markets in canada should continue to subsidize this failed experiment in perpetuity is nonsense. The habs and leafs would be better off contributing to linda mcMahons next senatorial campaign and they can put all the money in a dumpster and take turns throwing matches.

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