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Originally Posted by XX View Post
Business, especially at the restaurants, is way down without the Coyotes. That's common knowledge. I don't see anyone at Westgate actively wishing for the Coyotes to leave. They've been awfully supportive, for good reason. Tangier opening up next door helps ease the loss, but all of that retail is better off if there are Coyote fans milling about on gameday. Weekend games tend to turn into an all day thing, where fans hang out, shop and eat at Westgate.

The Coyotes would be a tremendous loss for the area. The area exists, in part, because of the team in the first place. What we're now down to is more or less a philosophical question; should cities be in the sports business? Glendale said yes to that a long time ago, which is why you see two amazing facilities, surrounded by retail, in a glorified suburb. To turn back on that now is childish and shortsighted.
A couple of things. First, based on the latest projections the Tanger retail operation is anticipated to bring in 10 times as many shoppers as there are Coyotes fans annually. So, Coyotes fans would constitute about 10% of the traffic. Moreover, other than several bars and pubs, I can't see how many of the other Westgate businesses benefit from the Coyotes. Not many go for a "game and a movie" night, or shop for cell phones and other retail goods just before heading to a hockey game.

Second, I completely agree that cities should have the right to invest in whatever facilities and entertainment that they wish. The problem in Glendale with the Coyotes is three-fold. They are bound by the "gift clause" of the Arizona constitution which prohibits them from providing subsidies to private interests. They have to be able to afford the costs, balanced with other civic necessities. They need to use due process, which includes being honest with the public and in their financial dealings. If Glendale didn't have significant problems in all three of these domains, this deal would have been done long ago.

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