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11-12-2012, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Halak Ness Monster View Post
I just want to correct one thing in your post. The QMJHL age range is 16-20, not 16-19.

Also, there are far more 18-20 year olds than 16-17 year olds. There 22, 18-20 year olds on Jaskins team.

I just don't want it to seem like Jaskin is playing mostly guys younger than him. He is going up against a lot of guys that are right near him in age.
Which is why I said "primarily" 16-19 yr olds. Each team can have a couple overagers (ie. 20 yr olds) but let's be honest. If you are 20 and still playing in the Q then you didn't have any better options (ie. no team was willing to sign said player to even a minor league deal). Yes, there are a good number of players who, like Jaskin, are 19 and some others that are 20 but he's certainly on the older half of that league. All I was pointing out is that it shouldn't be all too surprising that he went from struggling as a 17-18 yr old in a pro league to dominating as a 19 yr old in a Jr league.

I'll note that some 15 yr olds will also get some games in playing Canadian Major Jrs. as well so it goes the other way too. Usually, it's only for a handful of games after the player is drafted (for example, Rattie played 10 games for Portland as a 15 yr old after they drafted him) but there are also the players who enter early due to "exceptional status" and play full seasons as 15 yr olds - Tavares, Aaron Ekblad, and Connor McDavid this season.

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