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11-12-2012, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by hyster110 View Post
and whats your point?

my point is erhoff wouldnt be offered a contract with a 10 million dollar salary, as it would screw the team for the beginning of the contract. i would also make signing bonuses count as part of a cap hit.

that would have the effect that teams like philly couldn't offer weber ridiculously front loaded contracts
You could make all of your star player's salaries absurdly low for one year, with their big peak years with the bulk of the contract money staggered so they don't overlap. You sign another big player or two during that down year, and stack your team to go on a big run.

There's a very good reason that cap hit is calculated over the life of a contract. That's obviously been gamed, but the damage from it being gamed isn't nearly as great as the damage if you don't have that system in place to begin with. So instead, you cap the length of a contract, and govern the size of the changes in dollar figures allowed.

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