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05-21-2006, 04:17 AM
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Brule is going to get killed in the nhl questions asked.
injury filled carreer you watch and see ...retired before he is 25
already a fractured sternum and a broken leg after 7 nhl games. aweful fragile mixing it up with the big boys playing that style

gainey was smart to take price.
just look around at the teams today that need a goalie .
this" trend " will only get worse .

then just think in 5 years time all the goalies that will be gone
(broduer , belfour, hasek, joseph .burke ,roloson osgood, khabibulin

then your left with

manny fernandez will be 37 years old
theodore will be 35
kipper will be 35
giguire will be 35
toskala will be 35
gerber will be 36
weeekes will be 35
huet will be 36
turco will be 36
thomas will be 37
cloutier will be 35
nabokov will be 35
thibault wil be 35

gainey did something that wasnt popular but in my eyes was darn smart.

there is going to be a goalie crisis coming in the next 5 years .
price is a investment lets judge it in 5 years time when he is still only 23 ....

we can always pick up the fowards in the free agent poool ....

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