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11-12-2012, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Give the guy some credit. All anyone needs to do to understand this stuff better is read a couple good books on business negotiations, and on economics in the sports and entertainment industry, then stay up to date with a good magazine like the Economist. This isn't rocket science. These aren't nobel prize winners debating and crunching the numbers here. Just a bunch of business tycoons and lawyers.

It IS over the head of the average player (and the average fan), but it is not over the head of someone like Adams IMO. I would trust what he says more than most players for sure.

Plus, you don't graduate from Harvard without taking some business and econ classes, even if you're a history major. He should have the resources upstairs to know what's going on, based on what I know of the man. But I could be wrong.

Meantime, Sid should be quiet because he clearly does NOT have the background to be commenting, except in a very general way about the flow of negotiations or things like that. He's the perfect example of someone who probably has only a cursory understanding of the accounting and economics involved. Any of these guys who never went to college, especially the younger ones whose lives have consisted mostly of playing, partying and video games so far, probably don't understand much.
Absolutely. I'm positive Adams has a handle on it. We aren't talking high level econ/business. Anything that he is deficient in he could have easily brushed up on.