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11-12-2012, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by IanMoranFanclub View Post
That's not really the case though. 50% is 50%. Even if players' contracts only cover, say, 47% of revenues in a season, the other 3% will go back to the players (assuming salaries remain linked to revenue). From a financial standpoint, the contracting issues only effect the distribution of the money; not the actual amount that is paid out.
The distribution angle is obvious, but it is every man for himself when they are trying to get a new deal. Contractual restraints will affect how much each player can make over his career.

I can understand why most of these issues are important to some players and a few owners. And I can understand why the owners would insist on the 5% variance rule in particular to prevent salary cap circumvention. But I don't see why the rest of the contract issues are such a big deal. Any player currently contracted beyond 28 yrs old (Sidney Crosby, for instance) is completely unaffected. The entry-level contract changes affect no current members of the PA. And again, there's no effect on how much money the owners are paying out (as a collective, at least -- there will be slight variations from one team to the next).
I can see trying to get a year back on UFA and not wanting length capped at five years, but the ELC issue has me confused for sure.

Crosby cares, I assume, because other players care, so it is keeping him from playing hockey. The UFA and term of length will not affect him until he is 35, and by the time his next deal comes around, it will most likely be negotiated under another CBA.

If the league and the union are as close on revenue sharing and HRR split as the media has been reporting, it makes no sense that contract terms should hold up an agreement. I suspect it'll take a little while longer in the enduring spirit of brinkmanship, but they'll settle on the 5% variance rule and one or two other changes before any more games are cancelled. There's just too much money at stake for the league to risk games on budget-neutral issues like contract terms.
I dunno. I'm done thinking common sense will ever prevail.

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