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Originally Posted by leaponover View Post
I still don't buy into the Haley hype. The guy came up and played in a week where the Islanders had the most memorable games in years against the Pens and then parlayed that into a week where he fought and quickly became a fan favorite.

Take away that week and you have a guy that didn't make a big impact. It was easy for him to become a fan favorite and because of that he gets glorified here but as a player with the skill and role to fit on to an NHL team...nah he's sub par. The same fans that had the debate about what Matt Martin was worth in a trade and throwing out superstar names are the same ones who think Haley was a key piece. His absence will neither make or break the Isles. There have been better 4th line players that had decent impacts on the team that have been let go and they were far better than Haley. Tim Jackman is a regular in the Flames lineup and Aaron Asham contributed in all facets of the game as well. Those are 4th line players I want...not Michael Haley.
While I can understand and respect your point, I don't think it's too far off of the mark to say that Haley *could have* become that kind of Jackman/Asham type and was never given a long enough look to do so.

Haley wasn't just a goon, he was a goon who could skate his butt off, could convert on a breakaway, throw a few good checks and not be such a blatant liability. The Isles signed Eric Boulton, who may have been able to help with vet presence, but will be basically doing the same thing Haley was doing at an advanced age with lesser upside. While I'll agree that the Haley love is hype to a degree, it was a justified hype, as was Konopka practicing with a "C" taped to his jersey - to a lesser degree, since all Konopka could do was win faceoffs and jape with the other team.

He's 26 years old and still likely has several years of hockey in front of him. He's no centerpiece of an organization, but he can serve a purpose as an agitator who doesn't take shifts off and can occasionally keep a defense pairing honest with his skating. That's the kind of player that can crack a line-up as a bottom 6'er and eventually grow into being just the sort of Jackman/Asham type of which you speak.

I'm not throwing things because we let him go, but there is a little more to him than just his antics in the "Mob Justice" game......during which he made an NHL goaltender and NHL defenseman look silly with a breakaway goal.

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