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11-12-2012, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
Exactly right, Killion. The draft lease agreement (June 2012) was tripartite: 1) City of Glendale; 2) Arena Manager and; 3) Team Owner. Now, for all we know, Jamison will represent the Arena Manager and the Team Owner, but it isn't clear what his relationship with the Team Owner is unless and until those arrangements are clarified. Is Glendale really prepared to try to push through this $320 million deal (more than that, if you consider the transfer of arena parking rights) without actually knowing and letting the public know who the "Team Owner" is?

More importantly, why has Jamison been reluctant to provide this information at this late stage, and why have the city officials and supportive council members been afraid to ask?
The current CoG is playing the clock. They know or suspect the deal is dead but instead of admiting it they rather let it blow in the face of the new CoG. Jamison is doing a favor to Gary so he going to hang around until told to close or walk. The NHL wanted an owner willing to eat a year in Glendale before relocating PKP did not want that so they are stuck there another year.

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