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Originally Posted by saffronleaf View Post
1. There is no central command economy forcing citizens in Canada to move to KW. KW is attracting people because of what it has to offer. To characterize this as some sort of forced growth is disingenuous. While different municipalities have experienced different growing pains, I think it is an oversimplification to suggest that all municipalities will experience particular growing pains. Parts of the GTA, such as Mississauga, Brampton, and Vaughan have experienced rapid growth over the past decade -- more rapid that what KW will likely experience in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, the growing pains were not uniform among them and were not that severe. Obviously KW must work to put in place the necessary framework to absorb the foreseeable growth. I think, considering KW's track record, they are competent enough to do that.

I studied Political Science for my undergrad, and I know that, at the very least, kids across Ontario that studied Political Science had to learn about economic clusters and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) hub that KW has become. There is tremendous potential for KW.
do you know what places to grow is? its the official ontario provincial plan adopted in 2006 for managed growth up to 2031, and it is indeed a "central command economy forcing citizens ... to move to KW" and everywhere else in the province.

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