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11-12-2012, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by TheSeguinEra2010 View Post
The second installment on my list goes like this

21-Roger Clemens
22-Ed Macauley
23-Frank Ramsey
24-Manny Ramirez
25-KC Jones
26-Wade Boggs
27-Carlton Fisk
28-Curtis Martin
29-Keith Foulke
30-Tim Thomas
31-Cedric Maxwell
32-Kevin McHale
33-Larry Bird
34-Paul Pierce/David Ortiz
35-Jim Nance
36-Lawyer Milloy
37-Patrice Bergeron
38-Curt Schilling
39-Sam Cunningham
40-Mike Haynes

Couldnt decide between Ortiz and Pierce for #34 so I made it a split
The Pierce/Ortiz split is good. I love Ortiz and all his October heroics and what he has meant to the Red Sox. Pierce on the other has been a life long Celtic, will have his number retired and has weathered some dark times in Celtics history before reaching the mountain top in 2008 plus NBA Finals MVP and also the captain of that team.

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