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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
I dislike the work stoppages more than most but I am firmly behind the players because the owners are asking the players to either

1) protect them GM's from themselves
2) shore up their risky if not irresponsible gambles of have not owners solely on the players backs

The PA caved last time, they gave up every one of their big items. Yes they made out better than projected but if the owners get the idea that all they have to do to get salary concessions is cry poor and lock the players out ( again) then it will be more remarkable if there were no stoppages at the end of a CBA.

Asking the players to let the owners out of deals they signed and then asking the players for concessions that will do little to reduce the disparity between the have and have nots is a recipe for perpetual labor strife.

And its been said before, lambasting the millionaire players and siding with the billionaire owners requires a level of cognitive dissonance I cannot fathom
I support the fans.

It just so happens that the owners position would be much better for the fans as a whole, than the players position.

I don't care how many millions the players or owners have.
If concessions from any side creates a better league, that's what I'll support.

And I think that a free market (what the players want) is TERRIBLE for fans of small market teams.
And increased revenue sharing (what the players want if they accept a cap) is TERRIBLY unfair for fans of rich teams.

If there's a system where millionaires make a little less money, but is better for the league, that's what I support. If there's a system where billionaires get a little more money, but it's better for the league, that's what I support.

Being that both of these groups will be filthy rich no matter what... I don't care even the slightest how this money is divided.
I care about a healthy league that is good for the fans.
And the owners model is MUCH better for the fans.

If your Dad is a player, I understand supporting the players. If your brother, or best friend is a player, then I understand people supporting the players.
But if you're just a fan of the sport? Why would any fan want millionaires to have more money at the expense of the fans?

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