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11-12-2012, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
BPA =/= most skilled.

If I have two guys in front of me, one is a flashy 1st line potential winger who has some question marks, is developing in a league I'm not very familiar with, or currently within an organization I'm not fond of, and is the definition of a boom or bust prospect that more than likely has to switch positions to fit into my team. The other is an offensive defenseman who has top 4 potential (more than likely middle pairing, but has real PPQB potential) but plays for an organization that I'm comfortable with, has the tools and attributes that I look for in defensemen I have successfully developed in the past, and fits what I want to do...the guy with top line potential represents the best potential, but not the best player, in my opinion.
That's BS, JTG, as far as I'm concerned. There's no excuse for a scouting staff to be "not very familiar" with a well-known junior league - it's their job to be familiar to form a balanced and representative opinion of the prospects available. Prospects also generally have very little say in which junior team they're drafted by, so it seems goofy to hold it against them. And not drafting players because they play a position you already have well-filled is definitely contrary to BPA.

What's more, I'm not sure what makes Grigorenko any more of a boom/bust prospect than Pouliot.

Originally Posted by Sideline View Post
The kid has another year of Junior left after this one. He's on track to match Joe Morrow's 19 year-old season as an 18 year-old. 1 year of development at his age is an eternity. Just some food for thought before the lineup on the bridge gets too long....
Again, for the record, I like Pouliot. I just seriously doubt whether he was the BPA at #8 given what else was available.

Hopefully he proves me wrong. Time will tell.

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