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Originally Posted by TheSeguinEra2010 View Post
The second installment on my list goes like this

21-Roger Clemens
22-Ed Macauley
23-Frank Ramsey
24-Manny Ramirez
25-KC Jones
26-Wade Boggs
27-Carlton Fisk
28-Curtis Martin
29-Keith Foulke
30-Tim Thomas
31-Cedric Maxwell
32-Kevin McHale
33-Larry Bird
34-Paul Pierce/David Ortiz
35-Jim Nance
36-Lawyer Milloy
37-Patrice Bergeron
38-Curt Schilling
39-Sam Cunningham
40-Mike Haynes

Couldnt decide between Ortiz and Pierce for #34 so I made it a split
24 is Terry O'Reilly without a doubt.

I give Pierce #34. He has been through so much and still gives all he has and more. I love Papi but P2 is #34.

Nice to see Max on the list. I love KC Jones too.

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