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11-12-2012, 08:19 PM
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Sorry folks - not a lot of teams r going to take the gold Ed pkgs off Windsor hands. The biggest problem is no 19 year old leaders. WR has built the team for next year and with all the 18 yr olds they will be good. Someone said trade kerby. Good idea but obviously won't happen. The prob is that it's like a AAA team with dad coaching and Kerby gets every single important minute. Johnson will never move past him. I make no comments about kerby, but does the team see favoritism? Especially when Warren goes to dressing room between periods and kerby goes to coaches office? As long as kerby is held to a different standard there will be dressing room problems. Another issue is Vail. Terrible teammate and in dressing room. Thinks his **** doesn't stink.
Like I said they will be good next year but not mem cup good and the answer is simple, no hall or elliis. You need to draft well, but also be lucky and no one will admit they got lucky with the two best jr A players in Ontario in the same draft.
It's not easy to win - 20 teams r trying

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