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11-12-2012, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Great8Cam View Post
Brand new goals on the pallet at the training center.

That should be a good sign for the season to start soon because there is no reason for Incredible Ice to buy them. They have enough goals and Incredible Ice is notriously cheap.

My 2 cents on the negotiations - The owners are wrong to even suggest that they would not honour the current contracts. They made the deals and they should be stuck with them.

The players don't deserve any more than a 50/50 split of HRR.

The higher percentage was a deal the owners made 7 years ago and the players agreed to lowering the salaries.

What the players refuse to acknowledge is that their are no" rights" or "entitlements" that they are "losing." The only thing that comes close is when the owners attempt to lower or change existing contracts. Cry Baby Cindy should shut up and stop showing how ignorant he really is.

The players are ridiculous when they think that they deserve to get the lost salaries back from the lockout. You get paid when you work and create the revenue.

All of these contract issues and HRR splits are simply negotiating tools and the sides need to make it simple and get the deal done.

A December 1 start is what appears to be the real target date for at least a few weeks now. Too many changes have been going on to not believe it.
Thanks for heads up great8, as usual very nice to read what is going on and hope immensely that is the case. I miss Panthers hockey badly

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