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11-12-2012, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by NYVanfan View Post
And when it stops looking like a good deal (in 5-6 years) he can be waived, moved or he'll retire.
I dont know why this is so complicated, except as grist for the lowball mill...
A lot of people don't view $6.7 million in real salary for 6 years a good deal. Especially for a goalie who's already peaked. That's more expensive than Carey Price and he's on the rise. Not the decline. And when i say he's on the decline, i don't mean he's starting to suck now. I mean he's just going to age and be less effective than he was in the past. A $5.3 million cap hit may be lower than his actual salary by quite abit but it's still over 5 million which I really don't see as amazing. If he declines in the next 3 years which is very possible, the team that acquires him won't have the same luxury Vancouver has now of trading him. And at that price he's far to expensive to have as a backup. Especially on a team like Florida. By the sounds of it, there's a strong chance barrying a player in the minors will be stopped in the new CBA. That's also a problem.

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