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11-12-2012, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by leaponover View Post
I still don't buy into the Haley hype. The guy came up and played in a week where the Islanders had the most memorable games in years against the Pens and then parlayed that into a week where he fought and quickly became a fan favorite.

Take away that week and you have a guy that didn't make a big impact. It was easy for him to become a fan favorite and because of that he gets glorified here but as a player with the skill and role to fit on to an NHL team...nah he's sub par. The same fans that had the debate about what Matt Martin was worth in a trade and throwing out superstar names are the same ones who think Haley was a key piece. His absence will neither make or break the Isles. There have been better 4th line players that had decent impacts on the team that have been let go and they were far better than Haley. Tim Jackman is a regular in the Flames lineup and Aaron Asham contributed in all facets of the game as well. Those are 4th line players I want...not Michael Haley.
I liken Haley to a better version of Steve Webb. He's a fringe hockey player, teetering between the NHL and AHL, but he sparks the team when he's in the lineup.

All Webb needed to do was step onto the ice for 3 minutes a game and throw his body around to ignite the crowd. Once he put the fans into a frenzy, Yashin and Co. got the next shift and generated some scoring chances, if not actually score.

Kind of the same happened during Haley's short tenure. He beat the crap out out of someone, fans' bloodlust satisfied, team feeds off the crowd.

I'd say that's pretty effective.

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