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11-12-2012, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Beville View Post
Fair enough haha... I'm still sweating Assassins Creed... Getting Hitman on release too, so that'll take up a bit more of my social life... I have NO shame...

And on to more serious matters, I need some donations...

Please lads, anything... Even just 10p (Or like, $0.5 cents or w/e)...
Just a heads up, Hitman is getting some brutal reviews. Not that that really matters.

MW3 really turned me off of COD, though I did really enjoy Black Ops. This is the first time I haven't bought a COD title since MW2 at midnight and I'm not regretting it. I've been watching the Machinima live stream and the game looks like MORE of the same after a lot of promise for some change. I'm gonna get it on Wii U around Christmas.

Halo 4 on the other hand... Oh my, loving the **** out of it. Its somewhat comical how much better the game looks compared to BLOPS2. They added team SWAT today. Looking forward to some griffball next week.

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