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Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
I'm gonna go with the best player on that list at his peak.

Forsberg; followed by second best: Jagr.

Option 2, easily.

Option 2 would out muscle and destroy option 1.
Eeveryone is entitled to their opinion but how does one claim that Forsberg was better than Jagr at their peaks?

Jagr and Forsberg's peaks were coincidental and in a head-to-head match-up outside of Jagr's Washington years, Jagr was easily the better player.

In 1994-95 Jagr was easily the better player.

In 1995-96 Jagr was easily the better player.

In 1996-97 Jagr was the better player.

In 1997-98 Jagr was easily the better player.

In 1998-99 Jagr dominated the field like very few before him and no one after him (he won the Art Ross by 20 Pts including out-assisting Forsberg by 16 assists).

In 1999-00 Jagr was easily the better player.

In 2000-01 Jagr was easily the better player.

In 2001-02 Jagr finished 5th in scoring (in just 69 games) while Forsberg didn't even play.

In 2002-03 it is Forsberg who was easily the better player.

In 2003-04 Forsberg was the better player.

In 2004-05 dominates both the Czech league and the RSL/KHL.

In 2005-06 Jagr was easily the better player.

In 2006-07 Jagr was the better player.

In 2007-08 given the amount of games Forsberg played, Jagr was also the better player (Jagr also had a dominant playoff run).

Of a total 13 seasons that Jagr and Forsberg played head-to-head, Jagr was the better player (sometimes quite easily) in 11 of those 13 seasons.

So then how does Forsberg end up having the better peak?

If people just look at PPG (it's basically what they do when they look at Crosby and Forsberg) their PPG is going to be higher than Jagr's because Jagr has played so many more games in his career. I'm willing to bet that had Forsberg played another 400 games or so, his PPG would be far less than Jagr's. In fact up until Jagr came back to the NHL after playing in Russia for 3 years, Jagr's PPG was 1.26 to Forsberg's 1.25.

Between 1994 and 2001 Jagr's PPG was over 1.50 PPG. Now that's any impressive peak when you compare that to Forsberg considering Forsberg topped off at 1.41 PPG (only twice in a full season and once in less than 40 games) while Jagr had 6 seasons of playing at a PPG of 1.50 or better 4 of which resulted in Art Ross trophies and the other 2 seasons he finished 2nd in scoring.

Jagr had the best peak, prime and career (so far) of the entire bunch.

Peak wise for me it's;

1. Jagr quite easily
2. Forsberg
3. Ovechkin
4. Sakic
5. Crosby
6. Stamkos

You have to go with Jagr, Forsberg and Ovechkin. Those 3 combined have 7 Art Ross trophies, 6 Pearsons, 4 Hart trophies and 4 Cups.

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