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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
You can spin it anyway you like. It does not change the reality that attendance in baseball is stagnant and not growing. Attendance in baseball was growing yearly prior to Fehr and his alienation of MLB baseball fans.
This has already been explained to you:

Attendance in baseball may be static, but total revenues and profits are skyrocketing. People are more likely to stay home to watch the games on their 50 inch plasmas TVs, as can be inferred from the rapid increase in revenue from cable companies. If you can simultaneously have the same attendance at the games, and double the number of people watching on TV, you're making huge money.

The overall economic status of MLB in the post-Fehr era is one of economic boom for the players, for the owners, and of parity for the fans with 7 diifferent teams winning the world series in the past 10 years.


Let me know how many more times this needs to be explained to you.

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