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11-12-2012, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I don't understand this idea that the only answers a player can give regarding fans is either ''we love them'' or ''screw them, it's about the money''. Would it be that hard to say ''we know it sucks for the fans, but we need to take care of this''? What's so darn difficult in saying this??
Also, they are not being politically correct, they are flat out lying. Huge difference.

And neither Bettman nor the players care about the fans. Otherwise there would have been no lockout, and negotiations would not look like two 5 year old kids debating over who's dad is strongest.

Every time the NHLPA feels the NHL is trying to rip them a new one, yet they end up doing more than fine. Why would it be any different this time around? It won't be.
Oh come on.. does it matter THAT much that they didn't say they way you would like them to? And I'm sure the players are basically saying what you just said. I don't have a feeling that the players are being hypocritical when they say they care about the fans.

Caring about the fans doesn't mean that have to sacrifice thousands of hundreds or millions of dollars for them.

They care about the fans.. but they care about the well-living and their families/future more. I don't see the outrage in that. I want hockey back just as much as anyone here but I understand that the players that already have a contract wants it to be respected.

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