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Originally Posted by Nalyd Psycho View Post
That's a false comparison. Defensive tactics in the 1910's were very different than the late 20's. It was a lot harder for goaltenders in that era. In Vezina's case, he never really played in the dead puck era. No matter how you slice it, you are punishing them for things that were completely out of their control and have nothing to do with their performance.

Because he turned 25 that season. He was a rising start who ascended to the top of the pile the year after the rule change. That's why he is viewed as better than Worters and Hainsworth. Gardiner didn't become better because of rule changes, he became better because he was a superior player.
Defensive tactics are a function of the rules. Vezina adapted fairly well to the flopping that Benedict initiated so they may be viewed as a wash thru their era in this regard.

Why was he superior? What allowed Gardiner to adapt better - mobility, which led Dick Irvin Sr to compare him to post Red Line Goalies.

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