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11-12-2012, 09:59 PM
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Which stick should I get?

What do you guys think the is best stick for me(stick handling, wrist shot winger)? Price is a concern but not most important...

Easton Mako(2-piece) - $145 - Hall Curve (mid, open)
Warrior Dynasty - $109 - Draper Curve(Mid, open)
Sherwood Nexon N12 - $108 - Kane Curve (mid, closed)
Easton Mako M3 - $101 - Hall Curve (mid, open)
Bauer Nexus 600 - $99 - Backstrom Curve (mid/toe, open)
Miken MV-5 Pro - $80 - Hall Curve basically (mid, open)
Bauer Vapor X4.0 - $79 - Backstrom curve (mid/toe, open)
Warrior Mac-Daddy - $65 - Kovalev curve (heel, open)

All are 85 flex which is the only one I am interested in. I prefer a mid/toe curve the most but I am open to anything. I like the heel the least otherwise it would for sure be the $65 MacDaddy probably. However, I don't hate the curve so I am still considering it.

The two I am most serious about are the Miken MV-5 and the Sherwood Nexon N12. The Miken is saving about $120 from retail price and the Nexon is about $90 off retail price. I hear great things about the Nexon but I wonder about its durability. I also read good things about the Miken and people mentioning that it is good for a $180 how about the $80 price I am getting it at? Must be great at that price. I have been researching for a while and these look like the best deals.

What do you guys think? What would be your choice for me(stick handling, wrist shots, winger)? I am looking for the best deal/match for my skill set. I prefer to spend less but will spend more if it is a better deal. Or if you know of a great online deal you'd like to share...that'd be great too.

mod can merge this but it would be cool to leave open for a day or two since the forum isn't super active and the deals might expire.

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