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05-21-2006, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by jwalk
Ry Dogg - A few tidbits for you after attending the Sting mini camp.( I don't believe anyone else here really gives a ***** about the team so I'll direct this at you - LOL) As previously mentioned it appears that Stamkos will live up to his advanced billing. The kid is an offensive machine. When he was on the ice with Katic and Gomes it was like they were on the powerplay- like I said even tho it was a split squad game 9 points ain't bad by anyones standards.
Other kids that looked good were Connor McFarlane,the goalie Di Salvo looked great,as well as the 5th round pick Chase Clarke.
Kyle Tront looked really good also,and was all over the ice,and appears to be fully recovered from the broken leg.
Gomes was also really impressive - he was playing wing with Stamkos ,and these guys clicked immediately. He had about 6 points. I've never seen him fly like he did today.
Katic also looked great- and he and Stamkos will be amazing on the pp.
THere will be some announcements June 1 regarding some aquisitions. When they traded the 2nd rounder to Belleville they got 2 extra players in the deal. (One likely a goalie.). Also there's been a deal with Oshawa that will be announced.
It's been a tough couple of years (and we've had to put up with a lot of crap),but our time is drawing near.
lol thanks, i was in Sarnia last weekend i was hoping the mini camp would have been then, but oh well, yea last year when he broke his leg he spent alot of his time up where my dad was sitting, he has seasons tickets so when Tront was returned during the season he watched him closely, when he was on the ice i guess he still looked like he had a broken leg and wasn't skating as good as he's capable of, so it's good to hear he's recovered, i heard McFarlane was supposed to be good, and should make the team next year, thanks for the info on the rookie camp, i'm moving back to sarnia for a year, i might just have to make it 3 so i can make sure i watch sarnia dominate the OHL, thanks for the info jwalk

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