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11-12-2012, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
With a healthy roster, the lines I would first try out would be:

Plekanec along side Cole/Leblanc. Now, question marks around Leblanc obviously, but he is a two way player and I felt he played pretty well last year with sheltered minutes. It would be interesting to see how he handles the big match ups next to two great two way players.

DD would be with MaxPac and Bourque. The latter one cannot handle top opposition along side Plekanec, not if we base our opinion off last year. I also feel DD's style would compliment him better than Plek's as he likes to distribute the puck more. Bourque needs to open up, he has a nice release, with a center that has a good vision and is a good passer, he'd get more opportunities. I think having MaxPac on the other side as a driving PF force would also relieve some pressure off Bourque from being the big guy that always needs to crash. Only question mark here is who can handle playing off wing.
Give these guys the most o-zone starts, versus 2nd tier opposition.

Eller would get Gionta and Moen as our shutdown line. The reason I put Moen there ahead of Armstrong or Prust is because he's played with Eller last year and did well, but you could try them out to see who fits there best. I also placed Gionta there instead of Leblanc because I feel the latter needs to be next to more offensively skilled players, and the former brings a more proven offensive touch to the third line. If that line proves itself capable of handling tough match ups, then they can split that duty with Plekanec's. as for the starts, it'll depend on how Eller's face off percentage go. If he does well, then they can get the most d-starts.
If Plek's line get the toughest match ups, then this line should be more than capable of providing offense versus weaker opponents. Very similar to the Eller-AK-Moen trio of last season that dominated their opposition more often than not. Eller has bulked up though, am very curious to see how he puts it to use. Gionta and Leblanc can be switched around if Leblanc can't handle the top line duties.

Noke with Armstrong and Prust. These three can also be used as a shutdown line and get D starts if Noke does well in the FO circle. They form a decent trio as an energy line too.

Obvious benchwarmer, Gomez.

For the PP, I don't mind putting DD back with Cole and MaxPac. But many combinations can be tried. Likewise for the PK.
There's just no way for me that Leblanc even starts the year in Montreal. Yet I totally agree that MaxPac and DD stays together. So put Gio with Pleks and Cole. And put Bourque with DD and MaxPac. I'd have Prust with Eller and Moen. And Armstrong with Gomez and White.

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