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11-12-2012, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
Kessel was practically signed (he agreed to a contract with the Leafs basically right after the trade was done, and they could've been negotiating the whole time.

Furthermore, when he's trying to build a young team, Do you not see a difference in trading for a 22 year old player coming off a 36 goal season and a 33 year old who appears to be on the decline?

I'm sure Vancouver could get a first from Toronto for Luongo. As I mentioned, Burke tends to overvalue a lot of his players so shooting for picks may be a way to get better value out of Toronto. However, asking for a first would mean no Kadri, no Colborne, and certainly no Kulemin/Bozak/Lupul, as the latter 3 wouldn't be available to begin with.

If it means Toronto doesn't get him, that's fine. Burke's shown that he's prepared to not act on a deal if it requires core pieces. If Mike Richards couldn't make Brian Burke do it, there's no chance that Roberto Luongo is going to be able to.
Doesn't matter. Everyone knew he wasn't going to re-sign in Boston which hurts his trade value even if he agrees to a contract with his new team before hand as part of the deal. Look at Ben Bishop there was confusion on if he re-signed with STL and then was traded or signed right ater. Yet he was traded for less than his value because STL was not going to be able to re-sign him and teams knew it. Look at Kovalchuk... everyone knew he wasn't going to sign there after turning down that 100 Million dollar contract. He was also traded at the deadline where teams pay a higher price to improve their team, yet all he returned were a couple B/C level prospects, a 1st and a #4 d-man. Now I know Kovy didn't re-sign right away but just another example of how when its clear a player won't re-sign his value deminishes. JayBo's rights returned Jordan Leopold's rights and a 3rd round pick when he was supposed to be one of if not the top free agent available. He ended up re-signing right away

Also how again is Luongo appearing to be on the decline? Since when is posting a little better than his career average stats this past season a decline exactly?

Also with ur point on their age. Burkes been the GM for how long now? You really think the owners are not going to fire him if he misses the playoffs again because he ran with last years team which got them the 5th overall pick?

Can you please tell me what the owners said the team expectations were when they hired Burke? I swear I heard that it was to get out of the lottery and into the playoffs was it not? Was that not the reason why he tried to speed up the re-build with the Kessel trade? So why exactly will Luongo's age matter compared to Kessel's at the time they would be/were aqcuired?

Wouldn't it be better that he's not 22 seeing how they need experience in net if they want to make the playoffs?

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