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11-12-2012, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Josh Gorges
That’s something we’ve talked about since the start. The league is not just hurting the players by locking us out.
“We want to be playing hockey and we’ve said from the start that we could be playing. There’s no reason that we’re not. We could play while we keep working out a deal. We want to get a deal done but it’s tough when you can’t negotiate.”
Originally Posted by Brian Gionta
Unfortunately, it seems to be on the deadline of Gary, what he wants to be doing and what he has planned here.

“He’s got a blueprint and he seems to be sticking to it, with no regard for the game or the players.”
Originally Posted by Max Pacioretty
It seems to be always coming down to the same issue, when people talk to me about it, and the issue’s Gary Bettman. To tell you the truth, I’ve heard enough about it today. It’s my first time hearing about it in quite a while. There’s one big problem with the lockout and I think we know what it is.”

Sounds like Stubbs was really asking them the hard-hitting questions.

TBH, my "anger and disgust" has more to do with player statements like those above. I understand that lockouts happen, and labor strife gets ugly. But take some damned responsibility for YOUR PART in making this happen. Enough of this "we just want to play" bull**** that only a child would believe.

I've given some thought to cancelling my season tickets, but I think that would send the wrong signal. My problem isn't anger with the league, it's that I'm going to have a very hard time rooting for these guys when they hit the ice again. Last time I felt that way it had to do with baseball.

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