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11-12-2012, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
You know what, it is absolutely nothing to see your salary drop from 11M to 7M, you are darn right. When you have people elsewhere that get their countries blown up to pieces for some stupid ideology, or see their country constantly demolished year after year, for the past 40 years, where 90% of the population lives in poverty but despite it still can't help themselves but to be happy and genuinely kind hearted, ya you bet that those players aren't getting an ounce of sympathy from me regarding their salary cuts.
There are people still living in huts in some part of the world, with no electricity, no shower, and still relies on hunting and fishing for food, but over here we have a bunch of millionaires fighting with billionaires over making a little more millions on top of the millions they'd be making. It's freaking stupid beyond belief. The average US income is around 50K. Gimme a break. Those millionaires will be just fine even if they agreed to a 75% rollback.
I share your concerns about the second world and the third world but they are a complete non-sequitur.

It's true that there are people out there who have it worse than Kovalchuk, but there will always be people who have it worse. That doesn't justify transferring money from Kovalchuk to the billionaire owners. Cutting money from the players, and giving it to Jeremy Jacobs, is not going to help with malaria vaccination programs in Uganda.

If you don't like it, take the money you're spending on hockey now, and donate it to Doctors without borders.

By the way, it's a well-known statistic that most lottery winners end up losing everything. NHL players live a necessarily expensive lifestyle and forego an education to pursue a career that often leads to physiological damage and brain damage. They retire at 40 (if they're lucky) with no transferable skills. So yes, every additional dollar is a huge difference. If I'm a player I go for every dollar I can.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
The players didn't do anything wrong when they signed their last contracts. The agents found loopholes after the last CBA. They studied the CBA and alongside capologist found a way to get a lot more cash to their clients than they were supposed to. A loophole the NHL had not foreseen. It became obvious, to the point where teams actually had to be investigated for it and sometimes even fined where they had to give up future draft picks. Some players benefited from it. Now it's time to close those obvious loopholes, but players refuse to do so. I can't blame a guy like Kovalchuk for not wanting that, he signed his last deal. His contract is good until 2025! If there is a rollback (say 25%), then he will only make 75% of his deal and won't get a chance to break the bank again as his contract sees him go through 40.
I don't think a young player signed for 2-4 years have much of an issue with this. The cap will go back up over time, and they will hit their big pay days after.
Guys that are old and/or signed through retirement are the ones that would be most affected by this.
1) Kovalchuk's contract has nothing to do with the lockout. Even if Kovalchuk had signed a 7 year contract paying 49 million total, there would still be a lockout. The contract does not negatively impact the finances of the NHL. The players get 57% of revenue regardless of what how the terms are spread out.
2) The NHL had the option of rejecting the Kovalchuk deal. It chose not to, it merely requested a small modification.

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