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11-12-2012, 10:53 PM
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People keep saying that most hockey players are humble. It's true. They (collectively) are the most "down-to-Earth" athletes around. I would probably rank baseball players second on the most humble list. There's probably a lot of reasons for it, but I attribute it to two main ones.

Hockey requires by far the most parental support. Whether it's driving/flying to rinks all over North America, buying equipment or just playing the game in the driveway (for us in the South, you lucky guys way North of me had backyard rinks) and fixing stuff broken by pucks. The other thing that makes them so normal is the fact that most of them didn't get even a 1/10th of the spotlight/praise that other up and coming athletes get in the USA. Most of these guys can remember the long bus trips; living away from home at a young age; some even get traded in junior.

I said this on page two, I think it went noticed:

Everything I've heard about him (from guys I know that work with the team) is that Benn is the complete opposite. In fact, one guy told me that he goes out of his way to help the equipment guys do their jobs. He helped them take all the gear and suitcases off of the plane last year on a road trip (don't remember which trip, but it was snowing). He even asked GMJN to be sent down to help the Texas Stars 2 years ago after Dallas's season ended.

Him being "shy" or uncomfortable with the media actually makes a lot of sense. The guy flew completely under everyone's radar playing for the Rockets of the WHL. He gets picked 129th overall in 2007 and eventually explodes. This whole attention thing is still pretty new to him. He's not alone though. There are probably hundreds of players who prefer staying away from the media.

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