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11-12-2012, 11:04 PM
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Got one step closer to being back up and brewing this weekend. Put together a bunch of our new brew equipment and built a sparge arm for our mash tun. We went from using an immersion wort chiller to a 40 plate chiller and I'm amazed at how well the thing works. By just running 100 degree water through it one it went from 100 degrees to 15 degrees and that wasn't even having the tap open the entire way.

Also bought a 15 gallon blichman pot. It's pretty expensive(well I can stomach the price of the pot but you get killed with all the $16 buck a piece adapters). At first we were debating getting another type of external heat source in order to heat the pot as we've only used a stove before. But we decided to try heating 10 gallons of water on the stove to see ho long it too and it only took 30 minutes yo boil. That's pretty impressive seeing as with our other pot we were heating about 15 liters of water and it took about 75-90 minutes to heat it to boiling. The heat conduction on that baby is crazy.

Now we are just waiting on a grain mill and we plan to do up our first batch, which will in fact be two batches. Plan to do an ESB for both styles and do one with regulars hops and the other with fresh hops.

Getting pretty excited to be brewing again this winter with an all-grain system. What else better to do than brew in the winter when there is no NHL.

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