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11-12-2012, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Businesses that spend beyond their means don't stay in business.
Back up a step. I'm just saying that you're portraying "teams need to spend to be competitive" as an emotional argument, which it isn't.

The league has never fully addressed the revenue disparity issue. They put all their weight behind 'cost certainty' when the issue was never cost, but how the money in the league was spread out.
I'm with you on this. The PA was on the right track back when they opened discussions with an offer that would reform the RS system.

My suspicion, unsourced and unverified, is that Bettman would have a very hard time wrangling the owners into a new RS system, and that he didn't want Fehr to have any influence over that process. At the time, the PA's offer was perceived as an attempt to split the owners, which says something about how delicately Bettman has to manage this issue.

I am all 100% in favor of tackling this issue, but realistically Bettman is not going to be interested in doing it as a project with his buddy Don.

It's still an emotion-based response.
Even though I just explained why it's a bottom-line business issue, it's an emotion-based response. Ok.

Please give me an unemotional, rational reason why it makes business sense to fail at retaining and attracting talent to your organization.

What? That a certain group of teams can charge an average of $25-35 per ticket, which comes out to half of the cap floor if they actually sell out at that level?
I assume you're intentionally not finding the point here.

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