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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
I see.

Then explain why 2005-06 Tim Thomas is suddenly an NHL quality goalie after years of failure. Rule changes that put a premium on lateral movement of goaltenders had nothing to do with it?

So rule changes had no bearing on Cooney Weiland leading the NHL in goals and scoring during the 1929-30 season? Weiland never matched this performance before or after.

None of the claims you are alleging have been made. Point is that you are using a sweeping generalty "better" to ignore rule changes. Answer why certain skaters or goalies were better especially after a major rule change. Why did this "better" arbitrarily choose Charlie Gardiner and not Tiny Thompson who was less than two years older?
1. Why was Tim Thomas' lateral mobility not an asset before? Why did Johnny Bower finally crack an NHL roster at 34 and not earlier?
Why was there essentially no change in every other elite goalie between 2003/04 and 2005/06? Because sometimes player development cycles don't follow a linear path.

You are bringing up an outlier and acting like he provides definition. If the rule changes in 2005 made a significant difference, why was there not a significant change in every goalies performance? Why didn't Brodeur, Kiprusoff and Luongo struggle?

2. If the rule changes benefited Weiland, why didn't it benefit him after? Weiland's season has a lot more in common with Dennis Maruk's 1981-82 season than anything else. Again, you bring up a random outlier like it proves some kind of point. It doesn't. All it does is demonstrate that you have absolutely no argument.

3. Because Charlie Gardiner is better than Tiny Thompson. There is no arbitrary involved. Some players are simply better than others. You may as well attribute Wayne Gretzky put up over 200 points, but Dale Hawerchuk not to some reason other than Gretzky was better.

You have it set in your head that rule changes are defining benchmarks that change everything. (I assume this because you have a background in coach, and rule changes do make a lot of work for coaches.) But reality clearly demonstrates that the creme of the crop is the creme of the crop and it rises irregardless of rule changes. And you should let reality determine how you vote, not preconceptions.

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