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11-13-2012, 12:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Thanks for you answers...

So, Galchenyuk CAN join the Bulldogs IF they make the playoffs.
(yup...I did realize it was IF, but just wanted to know about playoffs and if his switch from junior to AHL was possible...'cause funny enough some posters here wrote that he had to join Habs or stay in junior and i believed it! it was just incorrect info).

And,!! (unless you add a very skilled player...who do we have? Gallagher...Leblanc...there's no Bozon, Collberg, Hudon with our Bulldogs yet...they're still developing,etc,etc...). Not Stortini but at least a player who is tough but can also play and not let anyone just try to cripple Galchenyuk....
here are some examples:
Geoffrion - Galchenyuk - Blunden
Geoffrion - Galchenyuk - Gallagher/Blunden
Geoffrion - Galchenyuk - Leblanc/Blunden
Dumont if he can play wing...
There's also Holland...

(can't wait to see Galchenyuk start his pro career...right now I just care about him being protected!! right now in juniors and also later with Bulldog and then with our Habs... I don't ever want another Chara-Pacioretty..., so glad Pacioretty is 100% healthy now and an awesome forward...but could have used him against the Bruins in our last playoff series, but Chara had to do what he revenge, but glad that's in the past...but still want to write...**** the NHL for not suspending Chara for the rest of the season and playoffs... so not fair that Bruins had Chara and didn't have Pacioretty... that series was maybe ours IF Pacioretty was there,imo).
seriously, are you bolding random names?

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