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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
I doubt Gardiner would have featured too prominently, right? He finished with the most losses, most goals against, highest goals against average, least shutouts* and least wins.

*- Flat Walsh had 4 shutouts in 11 games played on two teams as a replacement; Gardiner had 5 in 44 games. Imagine that, a 1.85 GAA to finish dead last in the league...

I'm still a little uneasy about some of these names yet...gotta spend these last 24 hours here to do some more poking and/or prodding...I also feel like Tony Esposito and Ed Belfour are being unsold...but I could be out to lunch...
Right now, there is no way to tell who would have been the 2nd Team All Star in 1928-29* (that was Hainsworth's record-breaking season after all), but Gardiner definitely received some serious press that season:

*There actually was a GM-voted team in 1928-29 and Worters was the 1st Teamer, but we don't have records of the rest of the voting.

Originally Posted by One writer picks his all-star teams for the first half of the 1928-29 season
It would be perhaps be advisable in the first place to point out that such a choice is after all merely the opinion of one man."
Goal: Roy Worters, backed up by Charlie Gardiner

About Worters: "he makes the hardest chances look easy"
About Gardiner: "with the team he has in front of him, we have every reason to suspect that Gardiner has very little time to collect his wits."
-The Morning Leader, Jan 26, 1929

Originally Posted by The Montreal Gazette, Feb 1, 1929
But Gardiner played a great game, the sort of display local fans are beginning to expect from this sensational youngster, who seems to combine the best tricks of the late Houdini in keeping a storm of rubber out of his net. Gardiner gave another demonstration of black magic last night, and the only "curtains" he used were a puck, a goaler's stick and a keen eye and brain...

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