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11-13-2012, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Karitimes View Post
I'd be interested to see who's level you think Benn's value is on so Stars fans can shred it. I understand it's nice to work the numbers on the DEL and KHL and it does present an angle, but until Nail's in NA on an NA sheet of ice against NHLers, it's only hopeful speculation without translation.

Nail's been standout as expected, but not absolute dominant on the smaller ice against the top juniors in this year's Subway Series. A good number of people who are shooting down the Benn proposal in here are Oiler fans. When Benn really started projecting as a top line player, I think some of his coming out party games were against the Oilers in January of 2011. For me, that's when I noticed him really emerge.

Benn's function before fashion if you will. North south, 2 way, physical all-star first line center who can take care of himself if he has to. I can't think of many first line centers cut from the same mold in the current game.

Dallas has taken their time with him, and he's earned each successive role. And part of the this time has been spent moving him from the natural wing position, and converting him to center. But he's continued to improve and considering the year by year strides he's taken moving up the depth chart, he has left a lot of Stars fans wondering/excited/anticipating what his prime will look like with 2 true first line wingers, 1st line minutes and PP time?

Numbers are numbers tho, and it's certainly the easiest and most common measuring stick for first line centers. But if you ask a Stars fan which was more exciting or better bang for you buck to watch: Jamie Benn's 63 point, + 15 all-star season or Brad Richards 91 point, don't leave the ice, don't even look at the bench on a PP, - 12 all-star season from the year before... It's hands down Benn's season last year, and the team and his teammates around him achieved the same results as when Richards was top dog chizzeling secondary PP assists.
Solid post. I agree all around.

Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
Benn at 23: 71GP 26G 37A 63P 0.89PPG (best season)

These are the forwards that were drafted 1st overall most recently (excluding Hall and Nuge since they're still both developing and haven't reached Benn's age):

Tavares at 21: 82GP 31G 50A 81P 0.99PPG (best season)
Stamkos at 21: 82GP 60G 37A 97P 1.18PPG (best season)
Kane at 23: 82GP 23G 43A 66P 0.80PPG (worst season, best season was 1.07PPG)
Crosby at 23: 41GP 32G 34A 66P 1.61PPG (sorta best season, no explanation needed)
Ovechkin at 23: 79GP 56G 54A 110P 1.39PPG (best season at that point)
Nash at 23: 80GP 38G 31A 69P 0.86PPG (best season at that point was 1.00PPG)
Kovalchk at 23: 82GP 42G 34A 76P 0.93PPG (best season at that point was 1.26PPG)

Okay, I just realized that Benn was 22 when he had his most recent season...

I'm not going to post all the stats but Kane was 1.00PPG at 22, Crosby was 1.35PPG, Ovie was 1.37PPG, Nash was 0.76PPG, Kovalchuk was 1.26PPG. So you could say Benn's season was better than Nash's on the list, 1/7 guys, but Nash had also posted a point per game season and led the NHL in goals at that point.

Again, I'm not saying Benn isn't good, it's just to me it doesn't seem like he is quite on this level. Every guy on this list had a better season than Benn at his age. I guess you could argue that 1st overall picks are typically more developed and NHL ready when they're drafted, which is true, so maybe Benn could get better, but personally I take my money on the 1st overall pick. Benn could have a better career than Nash and maybe he could be better than Kane, but I think all the other guys are clearly on a level above Benn. Whether Yakupov will be or not remains to be seen, and obviously not all 1st overall picks are equal, but I think it does speak for the pedigree of the player you're getting more often than not.
I'm not going to berate you because to me it sounds like you're a pretty knowledgeable fan of the sport, and if I were a fan of any team other than a Pacific division team I could see myself saying some of the same things you are. The problem is that I can't unsee what I've seen from Benn. Part of the reason the "hype train" seems a bit overdone from an outsider's perspective is because there may be the inclination to think it's entirely based on tantalizing offensive traits. The thing is, to those of us who have had the luxury of watching him for most of his career (and before) the best parts about his game are those you can't see in a highlight or a handful of viewings. His consistency in doing the little things and his attention to detail in all zones is admirable and what you build winning teams around.

Of all the players I see him regularly compared to I don't see enough of my personal favorite comparison; he reminds me more of Zetterberg than any other player, only with more of a physical edge (note: I am not saying he is now or will be as good as Zetterberg at his best). He's good enough defensively to play the role Zetterberg is tasked with in the playoffs as well - head to head against the other team's top scoring line. THAT is the allure of a player like Benn, not how many points he has scored, especially when it's pretty clear to anybody who watches him regularly that the grace you give him to "maybe get better" is not near gracious enough.

The trade proposal is something that got me thinking because hey, who wouldn't want a guy with Yakupov's pedigree. I think he'll score and score quite a bit in the NHL. The problem is if you remove Benn from the equation in Dallas we are left with virtually no center depth.

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