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11-13-2012, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Mika Silfverberg View Post
This guy makes a youtube video about how the lockout is killing his hockey-related business. Hopefully this video goes around so the players and owners really know that other people are hurting because of this lockout too.

p.s. if a mod can embed this for me that'd be great. i don't know how lol
I feel bad for people trying to make a living off the NHL. The league has done such a piss-poor job of protecting ANY of it's non-team-affiliated retailers (that is to say, retailers not affiliated with the league, like, or it's teams, like team-stores in the arenas).

Neither the league nor Reebok have bothered to regulate the surge of knockoff jerseys, and as a result, retail sales of jerseys are down over 50% in many areas, specifically in private stores. As well, the league doesn't see fit to protect any of it's independent retailers: it's not uncommon for companies like Reebok to charge "official" retailers (, etc...) less for products than they charge to independents. With Reebok specifically, they have multi-tiered "programs" for vendors, in which higher tiered members (the ones that are league-linked) have exclusives and lower prices. It's near impossible for independent shops to compete on an even playing field: they either need to charge more to ensure the same profit margin, or sell at par with everyone else and take a hit on their profits in comparison. It's also much more difficult to deal with them on returns/ faulty merchandise as an independent. And the NHL couldn't care less as long as they get their cheques. Yes, this is an indictment of Reebok, but the league is partially responsible by turning a blind eye to it all. Guilty by association.

Sprinkle in labor strife twice in 8 years, and I can see why there are fewer and fewer independent sports shops around than there was when I was a kid.

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