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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
So I read lots about how you want a better league... yet you can't seem to grasp that RS is one of the mechanisms to bring that about. The league is better off with RS. It allows smaller teams to compete with other teams and not lose their shirt in the process.

You're stuck in some fantasy land that RS is somehow bad for Toronto's fans. I could see one saying the cap is bad (Toronto can't buy success), but RS doesn't affect the fans in any way shape or form. MLSE will still charge what they charge for tickets, beer, hotdogs, etc regardless of RS. Prices will still go up yearly regardless of RS. These two things are NOT related.

So lets get this straight. You want a better league, and support what will bring this about... but only as long as it's fair for the fans... now how does one define 'fair' for the fans?
If the cap ceiling was substantially lowered, the players would still be filthy rich... the small market teams can still compete... and the fans of rich teams don't have to pay for players of their direct competition.
Everyone wins.
Players are still filthy rich.
It's definitely what's most fair for the fans.

If the owners had it their way, this is what would happen.
The players of course stand in the way of that.

Also... the fact that scalpers sell maple leaf tickets at a MUCH higher price than mlse PROVES that mlse is charging less than supply and demand would dictate.
If revenue sharing is increased, i'm sure mlse would simply increase prices to even things out. It's what any business would do.
Thanks nhlpa.
You all simply NEEDED those few extra sports cars... right?

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