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11-13-2012, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by tempest2i View Post
I view these long term BDC's like a loan that you're not paying off, just kicking down the road to deal with another day. That's why I don't see one of those contracts as having tremendous value.

You're basically taking a ticking time bomb off someone's books. If I'm a GM who doesn't plan on keeping my job for more than a few seasons, sure I'll take Luongo on my team. Because I won't have to deal with that contract when it stops looking like a good deal.

If it's a ticking time bomb, no GM should want it. Period. Not even at a discount. In other words, I don't view it at all like that, and judging from the _interest_ from at least 5 teams, other GMs don't either.

That contract isn't about sluffing off the undesirable years on someone else. It's to cheat the system. Meaning, the destination team _also_ gets to cheat the system. It's a great contract that either team benefits from.

Really, the Canucks were set up to operate with Luongo long-term. They would have the benefit of a cheater BDC for the life of his career. In a weird way, it's unfortunate that Schneider did emerge because they can't also sign him to the same deal, and again skirt the system.

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